Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New year, new day

New year, new day, new moment.
Let's resolve
not to change a thing,
not to give ourselves unrealistic goals
to aim for,
not to set hopelessly high standards
for ourselves
that are impossible to achieve.
Let's resolve
to accept ourselves as we are,
to get to know ourselves as we are,
to shine a light on who we are
and accept our
mistakes and blundering attempts
as well as our kind, caring and loving nature.
Let's resolve
to embrace who we are
as we are
and let change happen organically
as we water our seeds of
beauty, love, compassion,
caring for others and
interbeing with all humans,
animals, plants and minerals.
Let's resolve
to embrace this moment
as a moment worth giving
our full being to.

© 1 Jan 2014

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