Thursday, 2 January 2014

Failing joyfully

I laugh aloud
to hear the phrase
‘failing miserably’
for why should we not fail joyfully?
Why not rejoice at the
learning that comes from
not achieving our unreasonably high
self-imposed goals?
Why not delight to realise
we need not mind
what others think?
We are not on a stage
where our actions and motives
are scrutinised and analysed
by a critical audience,
We are each on a path
of our own making,
learning with each footstep
how to be,
like a baby discovering how to walk.
The child is not miserable
that its first footstep is not perfect.
It falls down, struggles up and
tries again,
attempt after attempt,
until each step becomes a
little more steady and
a little less wobbly,
and each attempt is a joyful discovery.
From this moment
I am determined
to fail joyfully,
to take risks
and make mistakes
and find out what
living each moment as the only moment means.

© 19 Dec 2013

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