Saturday, 28 December 2013

This moment

I know this moment well
this moment of seeming indecision
that is in fact a moment of being
when one activity has ended and another has yet to begin.
This moment that lasts an eye-blink
but can in fact be a yawning chasm
into which we tumble
to find ourselves.
This moment between one heartbeat and the next,
the space between the in-breath
and the out-breath,
between speaking and answering.
This moment so slight it can
slip by unnoticed,
unless we are with it
and then
and then
we fall through space
into meadows full of poppies and cornflowers,
feet-high grass that we let ourselves get lost in,
we fall through skies full of stars
so numerous we can leap from
one to another and the moon
cannot catch our coat-tails,
we ride the frothy whiteness of rivers
as a leaf tossed from one peak to the next,
tumbling in a joyous confusion.
I know this moment well,
this click of a finger and it has gone moment, or
this press the pause button moment
and experience a crazy, wild dance of being,
like children who live each moment afresh because
there is no other way of being.

© 20 Dec 2013

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