Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Let's run away!

Let’s run away!
Let’s leave the computer
and this box of a house
and don boots and scarves
to go outside into startling aliveness.
Let’s put on hats and gloves
and wander through the woods
noting the chaos and the order
of nature in its naturalness.
Let’s slip and slide
through muddy fields that
horses in their sure-footedness
have no problems with.
Let’s risk earache
and a runny nose
from this harsh winter wind
and blow the cobwebs
out of our dusty corners.
Let’s run to the river
to slip and slide
on the riverbank,
hoping for a flash of blue
to indicate the kingfisher is fishing.
The emails can wait,
the phone can be left inside.
Let’s run away!

© 8 Jan 2014

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