Thursday, 17 July 2014

Where is the poem I want to write?

On the Mindfulness and poetry retreat we had lots of opportunities to write poems. In the first session we were given a list of basic practices to consider, means of getting us into shaping a poem. But as we sat by ourselves ready to write nothing came to mind. I did find this rather hilarious! Here we are finally giving ourselves the time and space to do nothing but write poetry and my mind was blank. Well, not entirely. So here is what came instead.

Where is the poem I want to write?
It is elusive, shadowy, vague and
not at all willing to be seen
in the light of mindfulness.

Mind is empty.
Words have slipped beyond its reach,
fallen off the page of the book and
danced off into the ether.

This is not what I wanted to say.
I meant to express some great insight,
some humorous tale in witty aphorisms
and a punchy conclusion.

I sit and wait, wait and sit
as all the words lurk in shadowy corners,
unwilling to show themselves.

All I can do is be patient,
laugh at my endeavours.
Perhaps if I am quiet and still
those shy words will feel brave
enough to reveal themselves.
© 11 July 14

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