Thursday, 3 July 2014

I walked in the garden

I walked in the garden
asking my teachers to teach me
all their different qualities.

The trees replied,
our trunks can teach you strength and
our branches flexibility.
You need to know your core stability
and breathe into it in many fearful situations.
You also need to know when to bend
with the winds of change,
as resisting will easily break you.

The rose replied,
I can teach you
how to let your inner light shine
for everyone you meet
just by being yourself.
I do not hold back my loveliness
to share with a few,
but let everyone enjoy.

The honeysuckle replied,
I can teach you generosity.
I give up my fragrance willingly
to every being who passes by,
not only those I deem worthy.

The earth replied,
I can teach you acceptance.
I accept whatever offering
is poured into me,
whether it is toxic or cleansing.
I accept it all and reject none.

The insects replied,
we can teach you
how to move beyond the limiting concepts of duality.
If you find this a difficult teaching to learn
we will bite, sting and annoy you
like a Zen stick,
until you are ready to see
there is no good or bad.

The frogs and crickets replied,
we can teach you patience and true seeing.
We create a distracting, noisy chatter
persistent and interrupting,
until you learn to hear it as a song of love,
singing in harmony
with your own true nature.

My eyes are full of tears of gratitude
as I walk in the garden,
from one teaching to the next.
© 14 June 14

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