Friday, 4 July 2014

The Buddhas are waiting for us

The Buddhas are waiting for us
as we move from the hot, sunny path
towards cool and welcome shade.
We edge slowly towards them
savouring each moment,
as if playing Grandmother’s Footsteps.

Will one of them awaken and see us?
They are already awakened.
They already see our true natures.
“Come on over to our side” they call
from the Ultimate dimension.
They already see us as we truly are
they are waiting for us to realise.

Making each footstep carefully,
stopping to notice the dance
of butterflies and dragonflies,
the blossoming of sweet peas en route,
the dimensions dissolve,
merging together.
There is no ‘over there’ or ‘over here’
there is only here and now.
The Buddhas no longer have to wait for us,
we are also there.
© 17 June 14

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