Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Transmission day

At the dawning of this day
the air is still cool.
The full moon hangs
as a lantern
in a silent sky,
the sun is still rising.
Today is a day full of potentialities,
possibilities as any other day
yet today is transmission day.
Today I receive the fourteen
Mindfulness Trainings.
At the noon of this day
the sun is full yet
the breeze is kind and soothing.
We have listened to our teacher
answering heartfelt questions
with wisdom, deep practice and a smile.
In the afternoon of this day
the energy of the Sangha
practising together washes over us
as cleansing water
sweeping away fear and
preparing us
to receive our true names.
At the eve of this day,
the day full of potentialities,
the Temple bell signifies
the closing of the day.
I embrace my Dharma name,
wondering how I will bring it to life.
It is a great aspiration
I hold dear in my heart.
(True Mountain of Non-Fear).
© 14 June 14

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