Thursday, 28 May 2015

‘When she can’t change the world, she changes herself’

‘When she can’t change the world,
she changes herself’, recently heard on
a well-known radio soap
reflecting greater insight than
was intended or even recognised.

When we stop looking out,
stop trying to fix ‘out there’
and look in
we realise
here is the place to begin.

Yet before change
comes accepting,
accepting imperfection
in all its glorious
messy, chaotic beauty,
accepting uncertainty
despite wanting to hold on
to knowing,
accepting mistakes
not as horrible blunders
to be swept under the rug and forgotten
but magnificent chances
to learn something of ourselves and
our ways of operating.

Change comes when we embrace
our rough edges,
inappropriate behaviour
foolishness and
then let go.

Sometimes they let go of us
as if bored by a lack of attention.
Sometimes we let go of them
because the light of embracing
reveals nothing more than
insubstantial dust.
Sometimes we are forced to let go
by immense tragedy
that seems unbearable, insurmountable
yet one day no longer
causes the waves of grief and loss
it once did.

let go
change can organically happen
as we see the little lives
we have forced ourselves into
no longer fit,
the small boxes
we tried to shape ourselves into
are not human shaped
are not shaped for an
immense being willing to change.
© 20 May 15

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