Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Shifting clouds

A dull heavy greyness
of clouds above
reflects a dull heavy
feeling within
a feeling I am wishing away
not embracing,
injecting energy into
wanting it to be gone.

In the way I cannot
physically move clouds
I cannot shift this feeling
of dissatisfaction
by wishing it away.

I want …
I want …
I want it to be gone.
I don’t want to look
at where it comes from
what gave it birth.
I just want rid!

Penning these emotions
I realise how ridiculous they sound
a sullen toddler
stamping its foot and
making unrealistic demands.

Then the clouds break
large globular raindrops
smash onto my windscreen,
break through the heaviness
provide relief.

On the horizon
a vibrant blue skyline
penetrates the cloudy blanket.
Emotions are the shifting clouds
sometimes dull and heavy
sometimes vibrant and energetic
never permanent.
© 19 May 15

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