Sunday, 10 May 2015

I met

I met a one upon the path and
asked, ‘where are you going?’
‘nowhere’ came the reply
‘what do you do?’ ventured I
Puzzled I continued further
‘where have you come from?’
‘but why are you here?’
‘to meet you’
‘and what have you to say to me?’

These answers frustrated me.
Here was a one
coming from nowhere, going nowhere,
with nothing to do, nothing to say and
nothing to carry.
‘Who are you?’

I looked again at the one and
saw myself,
but not myself
a quiet, non-busy, still version of myself,
unconcerned with the cares of the world
not thinking or behaving
in the usual way
not having to achieve anything or
be a particular way
just being.

I smiled as we fell into step and
moved along together.
I found myself upon the path.

© 3 May 15

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