Sunday, 17 May 2015

Farm in faeryland

We walked in the woods
to where the faeries
play Pooh sticks on the bridge and
dance along the fallen tree-trunk.

We sat to lunch on the wall
and hillside above the bridge
and snoozed, while the faeries
stole away our cake crumbs.

We munched on wild garlic leaves
while the faeries collected
wood anemones and violets
to make their dresses.

We did not see the faeries
bathe in the river or
drop pine cones on our heads or
creep up behind us as we
discussed the names of local fauna.

The flowers sang to us
of the faeries’ adventures and
the trees whispered to us
of the faeries’ tricks
as we wandered unknowingly
through the woods.

© 8 May 15

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