Sunday, 3 August 2014

Moving freely

A morning walk
striding briskly
appreciating beautiful surroundings.

I am the small boy
learning to ride his first bike
moving freely
dashing along the path
with no thought of dangers
or bumps in his way.

I am the dog
leaping joyously
into the river
moving freely
shaking water droplets from its coat
with abandon.

I am the gentle wind
moving freely
tousling hair
rippling grass
softly caressing.

I am the fisherman
(secretly hoping he won’t harm the fish
yet won’t be disappointed
if his desires are thwarted
but enjoying instead a moment of quiet).

I am the dead tree branch
no longer moving freely
languishing gracefully
half in and half out of the water
on its way to becoming compost
nurturing new life.

I am the wind blowing roughly
rattling leaves
loosening beechnuts
with a hint of autumn
an expectancy of rain.

I am the river
moving freely
dancing along
unconcerned with the dull thoughts
of humans
the secret desires and expectations.

I am life
moving freely
blowing through each form
settling but a moment
and quietly moving on.

© 3 Aug 14

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