Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I’ll walk with you

I’ll walk with you
wherever you want me to.

I’ll walk with you
up and down hills carpeted with purple heather,
on slim paths through woods where
tumbledown trees reveal torn branches and upturned roots,
along overgrown riverbanks beating aside
waist-high weeds, prickling gorse and nettles.

I’ll walk with you
in buffeting wind, through rain and snow
towards the sunset and the rainbow
amidst darkening clouds and blue skies.

I’ll walk with you
in harmonious gardens and admirable vegetable patches,
with purple, yellow and green produce.

I’ll walk with you
through villages with puzzling wells and
town pavements crowded with fire-eaters and saxophone players.

I’ll walk with you
anywhere you ask me to.

© 17 Aug 14

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