Friday, 8 August 2014

Being peace

I have joined joined Deepak Chopra and over 100,000 people worldwide in a global meditation for peace.
We were asked two questions - what does peace mean to me? and what does peace feel like?
Here is my response.

When the ripples across the water settle
and the vibrations within come to rest
I am peace.
When I breathe and know I am breathing
when I sit and know I am sitting
I am peace.

I am peace
I am steadfast
I am rocklike
I am unmoving
I am stable.

When the mind and the heart
sing the same single note of love
I am peace.
When the waves of emotions are no longer disturbed
by the winds of change
I am peace.

I am the pebble sinking slowly
to the bottom of the pond
seeking its own depth
leaving behind the movements at the surface.

I rest
I rest
just rest
I am peace.

© 8 Aug 14

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