Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Meditation haikus

Quiet! Restless mind
looking for something to grab
wandering always.

Still! Indecisive mind
‘I can’ to ‘I can’t’ instantly
jumping not settling.

Hush! Rambling chatter
wishing to express opinions
backdrop never calm.

Stop! Butterfly mind
leaps from this to that to that
not pausing for breath.

Look outside, look, look!
Plums ripening, wind shaking,
cyclamen flowering.

Mind cloaked in noise
misses life’s reality
growing and changing.

World of wonders has
enough to say, clattering
mind need add nothing.

Open eyes, ears, heart,
magnificent universe
plays at my doorstep.

Put down incessant
bluster, open to being
one part of it all.

Glorious dance of
rhythm, colour and splendour
all playing its role.

My heartbeat is but
one tinkling triangle in
a vast orchestra.

© 11 Aug 14

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