Monday, 14 April 2014

No mud, no lotus

Dear friend
you stirred up the mud
from which I am convinced
beautiful lotuses will bloom
in the future
but for now
all I see is mud
think, gloopy, sticky mud
in which I do not want to wallow.

Just now
all I see is mud,
not even a glimmer
of a fresh green shoot
or a budding bud.

Dear friend
you stirred up the mud
that is my present
which I must learn,
to enjoy, to be with.

Let’s daub ourselves
let’s slip and slide
like carefree children
let’s roll and wallow
and try not to swallow!
Let’s embrace the mud
with no thought
of seeking the
fresh green shoot
or the budding bud.

The lotuses
which I am convinced
will bloom
must wait
for another time.
right now,
is the time of mud.

© 8 Apr 14

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