Thursday, 3 April 2014

Beware the sticky computer!

As part of my mindfulness practice I receive a daily email from Elisha Goldstein (author of The Now Effect) and two so far this week are all about using technology mindfully.
It also came up with my Sangha this week and I realised sometimes it's as if my computer is sticky and I get stuck to it and can't walk away. I do use it a lot for the PH.D., teaching MBSR courses and writing 2 blogs, but aside from the times when I need to use it I get so easily drawn in to random searching, playing games or just messing about on it instead of walking away and doing something different. This is something I'll be practising with this week.

Beware the sticky computer!
The beguiling, innocuous-seeming computer
with its fast-action means of
bringing up tempting page
after interesting page
with a casual, innocent
'have you seen this?'
'you must have a look here!'
'this is so funny,
so cute'
so damned sticky!
Hard to walk away from
when the task is completed.

Mindfulness is the solvent
that neutralises the stickiness
and releases me to walk away.
Mindfulness is the wise voice
that recommends, 'that is enough'.
Get up, move about
do something different!
It will all still be there
when you come back to it,
but the stickiness is diluted
and there is time for other interests.

© 3 Apr 2014

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