Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I want to write love poems like Rumi

I want to write love poems like Rumi
but my words are stumbling and ineffectual.
I want them to soar
and trip off the tongue
like oozing honey,
but they stutter and fall short
or are too verbose.
I want them to fly like paper aeroplanes,
expressing perfectly
the feeling of this moment.
I want to perfect a succinct phrase
that exactly describes this heartfelt longing.
I want to turn phrases that my children’s children
will repeat and learn by heart and
calligraph for their loved ones
on handmade cards.
I want to find a new way to say
I love you,
a way that makes the heart leap in startling recognition and
brings forth tears of joy and deep appreciation.
I want to craft words like Shakespeare
but I fear all the best phrases are taken.

I shall sit quietly to let
the yearning and searching settle
and listen intently to what heartfulness has to say.
The words are all there,
singing in the air,
how they will fall onto the page
is not yet certain.
© 14 Apr 14

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