Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mindful driving?

My usual parking place is full,
what to do?
Last week I got fined
for parking in the wrong place,
can't afford that again.
A trawl through the streets begins
looking for a sign that doesn't say
'resident permits only' or
'maximum of 2 hours'.
There are none!

The search becomes more frantic,
not wanting to drive too far away
from my intended destination.
Already late for my first appointment
I don't have time to stop and
let them know.

Finding a private car park
I have the sense to search on my phone
and find a map showing the way
but the voice doesn't kick in
so I drive trying to read the map as well.

Success at last!
One on-street bay is free.
The car is badly parked and
barely within the white lines.
I walk to my destination
uncertain of the route
but finding the right roads,
and arrive, hot and sweaty, and out of breath.
This had to be the day I also needed
a laptop and projector!

The irony of the situation
is not lost on me
as I arrive to deliver a
Mindfulness-based stress reduction course!

© 30 Apr 14

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