Saturday, 22 March 2014

I am elemental

I am earth, water, fire, air, space.
I free myself from a bodily form.
I am elemental,
in touch with everything around me.
The tree breathes life into me,
the sun gives me energy,
earth supports my footsteps,
water nourishes my heart,
fire gives me speech,
air allows me to move,
space reminds me I am free.

I am the chatter of the dawn chorus,
and the silence of the moon
riding a midnight sky.
I am fleeting beauty,
reminding us to notice and be aware. 
I am the vibrant sunset,
and the perfect snowflake 
just before returning to a water droplet.
I have the taste of the ocean
in my salt tears
and its ebb and flow
in my breathing.
I am the dance of the cycles
and the rest at their conclusion.
With each out-breath
I let go of thoughts and ideas
that bind me to a human form.
I am non-human,
I am elemental.

© 22 Mar 2014

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