Thursday, 20 March 2014

A love letter to myself

Dear Friend,
What can I tell you that you don't already know?
Remember to trust your instincts and
pay particular attention to what the heart is singing.
Only there will you find peace and stability,
the foundation of your true knowledge.

Remember to be like the mountain,
a majestic and unmoving presence.
The mountain graciously watches
the cyclical rolling of the year and
gently receives the driving rain,
raging winds, baking sun and cooling breeze
without turning its face away
or longing for more.

Our journey together of infinite, important and shining moments
is a deepening of our understanding of mindfulness,
experiencing each breath as it rises, lingers and falls
as an impermanent and ever-changing dance.
Only with this knowledge can we accept
'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune'
and bend with the winds of change
instead of snapping beneath its push.

Remember you are a beautiful, amazing and unique being
and everyone you meet
can also be accepted as beautiful, amazing and unique.

People have a lot to teach you about yourself so
remember to let them in,
let them touch you and
don't be afraid of what that does to your heart
or the tears that may fall.
It is all nurturing seeds of wisdom and understanding.

Be patient with other people's learning and
appreciate they stand in a different place to you,
come from a different background and
have taken a different path yet
we also stand together
in the same portion of earth,
sharing the same light and
have much to offer each other
because we all seek the same happiness and wisdom.

© 20 Mar 2014 

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