Sunday, 23 March 2014

A path through the woods

I found a path through the woods
I have not noticed before and
intrigue and imagination led me
on to its firm but muddied floor.
The trees closed in
trying to cut out the sunshine.
The path meandered,
stealing away any sense of direction.
It broke out into a clearing ,
a faery ring where magic danced
off every leaf
and potential for the unusual
echoed and bounced off bark.
I joined a dance of
dappled sunlight, gleaming ivy and fresh spring leaves.
I was led by smells of
earthy mustiness, unfurling spring and flowering wild garlic.
I was entranced and enlivened
by my own Narnia
still within reach of the road
and normality.
I found a heaven of delight
because I chose to walk  down
a path through the woods
unnoticed before.

© 20 Mar 2014

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