Monday, 9 December 2013


Yesterday the Cotinus bush
stood in glorious sunshine
blazing radiant colours of autumn.
Today strong winds and stormy rain
have ravaged the bush,
scattering its leaves to all quarters of the garden.
Yesterday was calm and clear,
today is wild and blustery,
who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Accepting impermanence
seizing the moment
enjoying what comes while it manifests
and watching it pass
without regret or disappointment.
Seeing what is here right now
without expectation or planning.
Meeting the present moment
in each Cotinus leaf,
as it shines on the tree
and as it decays in a heap of mould,
turning to compost.

Yesterday the sun was shining.
Today the sun is shining
while the wind blows.

©  9 Dec 2013

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