Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tell me a story of falling in love

Tell a story of falling
from being friends to being lovers.
Tell a story of one moment
when I knew we were bound to be together,
without even knowing what that meant.

Falling in love,
not a vat of warm, syrupy goo
to be immersed in.
Falling from
being an independent individual
to being part of a couple,
widening my circle of awareness.

Tell a story of boy and girl meet,
boy and girl marry,
involving family and friends.
Love increases
as the circle grows larger,
encompassing more and more people.

Falling in love
happens in a moment,
being in love,
staying in love
is the work of a lifetime.

This is love -
"it is such a joy
that whilst seeking in the world of forms
I found you sitting in my own heart"*

©  3 Dec 2013
* words by Swamiji

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