Friday, 5 April 2013

Tightrope walking

Sometimes life can feel like
tightrope walking,
a balancing act between binary opposites.
If only I can negotiate between
good and bad,
right and wrong,
birth and death
without stumbling or falling.

Wanting to know the end
before the journey has begun,
wanting to be sure
everything will turn out right
before taking the first step.
Forgetting that it is through
these mistakes that we learn,
it is how we get up after falling
that helps define who we are,
it is the step we take
when preferring to stand still
that shows both us and the world
what we are made of.

The balancing act of tightrope walking.

If I do not begin I have not failed,
but if I do not begin I have not lived.

© 6 Apr 2013

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