Monday, 8 April 2013

No daffodils

We took the daffodil walk.
No daffodils.
The snowdrops were still out.
No daffodils.
The ramson leaves were glossy and full,
the daffodil leaves were very much present,
but, as yet,
no daffodils.

The river gurgled and played,
the trees seemed ancient,
growing right in the middle of the river,
as well as decaying and composting at its side
returning to the earth to nourish new growth.
No daffodils.

Some are almost there,
beguilingly yellow among the greenness,
yet not a full flower to be seen,
although the Ranger announced
there was one,
somewhere along the walk.

We took the daffodil walk.
No daffodils.

Instead we enjoyed fresh, cleansing air,
open, rolling hills,
fields with baby lambs,
good company,
sharing conversations and stories
and did not miss the daffodils.

© 8 Apr 2013

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