Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mindfulness retreat

So, earlier this month I led my first mindfulness retreat. A weekend in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and we were blessed with lovely weather. Nine of us settled into a barn conversion that was home for the weekend and shared meditation time, mindful eating and walking and many moments of being. The simplicity of being was appreciated by everyone, especially those who tend to live an overly-busy life the rest of the time. And this is the point of the retreats, to give space in our days, time to our activities and calm to our hearts. Doing this in the company of other like-minded people makes it so much easier to meet what arises and to enjoy the miracles of each mindful moment and each mindful step.
If you would benefit from a similar process of
or you know someone who would, have a look at the details on the York MBSR website
It might just make for a happier life!

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