Friday, 22 February 2013

Upside down

When your world
gets turned
upside down,
and the firm foundation
you thought lay before you
disappears beneath your feet,
don't let the tears fall for too long,
as they cloud the vision,
and stop you from seeing
what new path lies ahead.
it may be lost in misty shadows,
or so covered by tangled undergrowth
that it is barely perceptible,
but one thing is certain -
it is there.
And it will lead you onward
to new discoveries,
and new beginnings
and move you on from the place
when your world was
turned upside down.

© 22 Feb 2013


  1. I love this and the fact that it comes straight from the heart makes it all the more special. Hxxx

  2. Thanks Wifey!! Lovely to have you back commenting! xx