Sunday, 10 February 2013

The necessity of rain

All morning
I avoided going out into
the damp and rain-filled outside.
The fire was so appealing,
cosy and soothing.
Why venture out into
dank, soggy coldness?
I avoided it until I remembered
to regard the rain
as friend not enemy.

It only took moments
of being
in the rain-dampened woods
to appreciate
the necessity of rain.

The newly-ploughed field
ready to welcome its Spring crop
is a reminder
that nothing will grow
without the nourishing rain.
The greening buds
ready to open
are a reminder
that Spring cannot spring
without the necessity of rain.

And you and I
who chose the fire instead
of the rain
are also a reminder
to be grateful for
the friendly necessity of rain.

©  10 February 2013

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