Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Did you see the berries?

Did you see the berries,
the red berries
a last vestige of winter,
shining through the tangle of
dark-brown, spiky branches?

And did you see the holly hedge
with its one gleaming berry,
a last proclamation of winter,
shining through the dense mass
of green, sharp-pointed leaves?

And did you see the beech hedge,
still wearing its paper-crunching
coat of brittle, last-year's leaves?

Did you see the signs of winter
doing battle with a warming,
summer-convincing sun
and wonder which season will win?

The heavy coat of frost that lay
sparkling and inviting at dawn,
has been banished by an
intense sun and a bright blue sky,
with their promise of warmer days
and lighter evenings.

The snowdrops in their bunches and
clumps are a promise of the
seasons turning to calmer,
milder, being-outside days.

And the berries,
the startling, bright red berries
are a sign winter has not yet
handed on the baton,
and we should enjoy the sun while it lasts,
for tomorrow it may snow!
© 19 Feb 2013

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