Thursday, 28 February 2013


Silence is palpable
at the centre
of a heart turned inside out,
knowing its fullness instead of its limits,
its generosity instead of its spite,
its enormity instead of its shrinking.

Silence is a depth-charge
into the ever-present space
that words cannot plumb,
dancing on the outskirts
and knocking at the door,
they cannot express the
vastness and completeness.

Silence is
then end of all our longing,
the dropping away of desires and wants,
the dissolving of binary opposites and
the shedding of burdens we have
inadvertently accumulated.

Silence is tangible

at the centre
of a heart turned inside out,
embracing infinity instead of being bound
by invisible walls created in our imagining
and forgetfulness that we are bound to one another,
indistinguishable as the wave and the water.

© 28 Feb 2013
(commissioned by Sue)

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