Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Don't look up!

Don’t look up!

The perfect advice
a cover-all for every situation
doesn’t exist.
It depends on your perspective
on which way you’re facing.

At the bottom of
a steep flight of steps
cut into the hillside
heading to a waterfall
best not to look up
but take each step at a time
to avoid being put off
by the incline and the number of steps
stretching high above.

Standing in the garden
on a quiet moonlit night
with a vast arch of sparkling goodness
above your head
the advice ‘don’t look up’
would be terrible to heed.
Why choose to miss out
on the natural display of beauty
even the greatest of artists
cannot accurately portray?

Don’t look up!
Look up!
It all depends on your situation
on your perspective.

© 15 Apr 19

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