Tuesday, 23 April 2019

An exploration of compassion

It is empathy
seeking to understand
recognising the shortfall of
not fully being able to stand
in another’s shoes.

It is listening without judgement
a silent acknowledgement
of another’s pain and suffering.

It is a generosity of heart
willing to move towards
rather than turn away.
It is a heart connection
overriding the incessant speech
in the mind.
It is a heart doorway
spaciousness, openness
kindness and stable tenderness.

It is a willingness to be vulnerable
and be with another’s vulnerability.
To be with the question
‘are you sure?’
It is true survival of the community.

Kindness is a compass
that directs towards being more compassionate.
It is the knowledge that
fear separates and kindness connects.

© 7 Apr 19

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