Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Dedicated to the next generation

I discovered today as I looked through my poems that I never posted this one although I originally wrote it several years ago, and reworked it in 2014.

The flowers in this garden
are given unto my care
for a time.
May I nurture you with love,
nourish you with beauty and
feed you with truth.

I wish for you to grow strong,
free to dance in the movement of the winds,
yet not be broken by its force.
Reaching fearlessly for the light
and fully open to the rains of love.

I will give you my time and
all the goodness of my heart
and space to grow,
listening to the inner calling
of the heart.

May you become trees
growing endlessly tall
to touch the infinite sky.
Let your branches spread wide,
to greet all who will seek your shade.
I wish you to become great trees
spreading your seed throughout the earth,
sharing your own goodness and love.

May you have the courage to be free,
to love and laugh and enjoy,
and wherever you go,
to be at home.

May you have patience and stillness
to hear your own inner voice,
fortitude to follow those words and
reason to do so wisely and purely.
May you have great stature and
a great heart that cannot be contained,
knowing your own greatness
to use it justly and faithfully.

May you have wisdom in your heart
to bring forth words of truth
upon your lips.
May you never doubt or quaver,
or stumble on your path.

May whoever comes
into this garden
be contented with what they meet,
basking in beauty and peace.
In time may your own seeds grow strong and beautiful and pure.
And for now,
may you rejoice that you are free.

© 9 Feb 14

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