Friday, 4 December 2015

Snow bird

I was reminded of a snow bird
a delicate, beautiful formation
created by a delicate, beautiful being.

We met together
this group of girls and two adults
to enjoy a day of meditation and
quiet presence.

Our plans were thrown awry
by the snow that fell
delicately and beautifully
settling, covering, disguising.
We went outside to play.

Whilst many threw snowballs and
messed around noisily
you created a snow bird
delicate and beautiful
to sit atop the fence and
watch our gambolling.

Next day much of the snow
had gone
all that was left lay dirty and sullied.
Yet the snow bird
still sat atop the fence
a gentle, lovely reminder
of our day together
and of its originator
delicate and beautiful.

© 18 Oct 15

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