Sunday, 6 December 2015

Faith in humanity restored

I discover
as I heard this phrase yesterday
that my faith in humanity
did not need restoring
it has never faltered.
I see that for each person inflicting
suffering, pain and injury
on another
there is one willing to give
a helping hand
food to eat, clothes and warmth.
For each child who falls and cries
there is an adult willing
to pick up and comfort.
For every mean or harsh word
there is a kind and generous one.
For every aggressive or dangerous act
there is a calming hand and soothing voice.

These acts may not always meet
or manifest in the same place
yet I perceive they balance
one another out.
With a rise in aggression, violence and conflict
there is equally a rise in compassion and love
willing to meet and embrace the negativity.

If we expect only the negative or the bad
this is all we will find.
Let’s seek out and praise the
generous, kind-hearted and the giving.
Let’s speak of those who
go the extra mile and
care for the stranger.
My faith in humanity
does not need restoring
it never faltered.

© 30 Sep 15

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