Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Autumnal forget-me-nots

In the unkempt garden
where moss covers the path
because there is not yet time
to tend it
forget-me-nots grow in the pond
flowering in autumnal October
delightfully reckless.

The artist’s garden
is a feast for the eyes.
Metal watering cans waiting for the rain
a shed with no door
heaped high with items
unfamiliar to a glancing eye
clay birds resting on a lichen-strewn wall
holly shining brightly
attractive yet dangerous
stepping stones leading towards
the artist’s lair
bushes of berries
thistles and seed heads inviting nature in
piles of pebbles.

The garden a collection of
things placed and
things yet unsure where their home is.
Amidst the muddle and the creeping moss
my heart delights in
forget-me-nots flowering unseasonably
in the pond.

© 18 Oct 15

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