Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Miracle of Mindfulness

I have just returned from a fabulous six-day retreat in the UK run by monastics from Plum Village, called The Miracle of Mindfulness. And it was a miracle that it took place at all. It was only settled a few months ago that it would happen at all, and a small team of us came together to help make it happen. Here are my reflections.

There are not adequate words to express
the fullness of my heart.
It is a miracle that we are all here,
practising together
sitting together, being together
breathing, laughing, sharing together.
It is such a joy to be with you
to be moved by beautiful teachings
that come in a word
a smile, a hug, a connection.

My tears are not sadness but
the overspilling of a grateful heart
that cannot contain the
abundance of love.
My smile is the outer expression of
inner happiness in being together.
The miraculous interplay of many
conditions have brought us
to this place
to play and to enjoy
this moment
this inexpressible moment
this miraculous moment.

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