Friday, 4 September 2015

I walked slowly

When I woke up and smiled
the world was not yet awake.
My mind was too full to sleep again.
I crept out into the quiet morning air and
slowly walked to settle myself.
The sky was heavy and dark
thick with rain clouds holding off.
The trees whispered quietly to one another.
The birds chirped sleepily
like tired children,
‘is it really time to wake?’
The moon had hidden herself and
the sky was slowly pinking.

I held a cup of hot water
warming my hands.
The rain rained gently
barely making any effort.
The wetness of the grass gradually seeped
through my shoes, waking my toes.

I walked slowly
until the torrent of busyness
washed away by the beauty
of the still morning
and I was quiet enough to
hear myself breathing.

I walked slowly
until I noticed
the vast space of
pale, pale blueness
behind the clouds.

© 27 Aug 15

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