Thursday, 12 February 2015

What if ...

What if
we started living
as if we were dying?

Not in despair or hopelessness
but with a childlike delight
of savouring each moment
as if it will never come again
because one day, it won’t.

What if
we started living
as if we were dying?

Tasting a snowflake
meeting the fly crawling across my book
jumping in puddles
delighting in rainbows
and never forgetting to say
‘I love you’
while the opportunity is here.

One day
all this will be gone.
And will it be gone
before we’ve even experienced it?

Will we meet death
we have sleepwalked though life
with our eyes and ears closed
to its miracles?

Will we meet death
as a welcome friend
whose warm embrace
is comforting?

Will we meet death
as at the end of a long day
when we have given
all we could give
and tiredness is a good sign
of running on empty?

Let’s start living
as if we were dying.

© 2 Feb 15

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