Monday, 23 February 2015


On a retreat last week we spoke about waiting at the beginning of meditation. Waiting in terms of not doing anything but just resting with the breath and seeing what happen. I found it a really useful and helpful means of moving into meditation and now back home it reminds me of Shamatha, a Buddhist type of meditation, usually translated as stopping and calming and often a precursor to Vipashyana, looking deeply or insight. It's not a case of waiting for anything, as that seems to imply one is lacking something but just waiting, something we can find very hard to do in a fast-moving, driven society.
I have written a couple of poems about waiting which I share with you here.

Where is the waiting?

In the depths of sinking
at the end of each out-breath,
in the peak of rising
at the end of each in-breath,
in the undulating space
between in-breath and out-breath,
in the seemingly ever-growing stillness
as the mind falls quiet,
in the oneness that emanates
from this community of lovers,
in the meditating heart.
© 16 Feb 15

And what does it mean to wait?

To rest
to be completely at peace
ready to receive
ready to hear.
Taking the force and push
out of actions
letting things unfold
in their own way.
Stopping running, planning 
looking forward.

And what does it mean to wait?
being here now
making friends with the present moment
ready to receive
ready to hear
the whisperings of the heart.
© 17 Feb 15

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