Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What are you choosing to look at?

Yesterday as I drove out of my village I noticed lots of litter on one side of the road. There seems to be a lot around at the moment, possibly because of the wind. On the other side was a bank of snowdrops. It became a perfect analogy for me of living mindfully and noticing what we notice, as well as what the mind says about it.
Looking at the litter there is a lot of mental activity and a lot of judgement about people who leave the litter, people who aren't cleaning it up etc.
Looking at the snowdrops the mind is quiet, just taking in the beautiful scene and enjoying it.
We can make a definite choice not only about what we see but also how we receive it, and notice whether it brings the mind to stillness or increases the mental activity.
What are you choosing to look at today?

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