Saturday, 28 June 2014

Where is my mum now?

Thay teaches about continuation rather than birth and death. When the conditions are right something is brought into manifestation and when they are not right, it unmanifests in that particular form, but can be found in other forms. It becomes hidden to us because we do not see it in the form we are used to seeing, but it is still there in other forms. Thay often uses the analogy of the cloud which does not die when it becomes rain, but manifests into what becomes our cup of tea.
This led on to this poem about my mum. It took me a long time to reconcile with her death and not miss her but I have learnt to accept it now.

Where is my mum now?

Where is my mum now?
She doesn’t appear in a form I recognise,
she doesn’t appear in the form I used to know.
She is the stars
twinkling as her eyes,
she is the moon
beaming with her smile,
she is the tree
sharing her steadiness and strength,
she is the freesias
carrying her delicate fragrance,
she is the wind
moving freely and gently.
Now she does not manifest
in the one form I thought I recognised
I see her in all forms,
moving easily, she is free.
© 8 June 2014

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