Saturday, 28 June 2014

Gathas from the practice

On the 21 day retreat Thay encouraged us to write poems and gathas (short verses, usually 4 lines) about our practice. I was delighted to hear this, especially as this was already happening. I was finding it very easy to write lots of poems. For me this is my way of connecting with the practice and elucidating it. So here are 4 short poems reflecting some of the things that were happening on the retreat, and for Lost, Thay specifically mentioned writing a poem about that moment of confusion when you don't know what to do. I recognise it, it often comes up when I stop working on the computer and am not sure what to do next, and here's the answer - do nothing!
Hope you enjoy!


Tread softly on the earth, do no harm.
Speak kindly to one another, do no harm.
Breathe in, breathe out, do no harm.
Love fully and limitlessly, do no harm.
© 9 June 14


in a moment of indecision and confusion.
What to do?
Do nothing.
Accept these feelings as present.
Just breathe.
Be kind to yourself.
Allow kindness to nourish you.
Appreciate this moment of kindness.
© 9 June 2014

A smile

Breathing in, I smile
Breathing out, waves of peace
undulate out from my heart.
Breathing in, I smile
Breathing out, my heart is full
of love for and gratitude to the cosmos.
© 10 June 2014


A small sliver of darting blue
playing among the lotus leaves
occasionally resting atop a bud
teaching us how to enjoy life
to connect with its playful aspect
yet not expend energy unnecessarily.
© 15 June 14

Only moment

Present moment, 
only moment.
Breathing in and out
free of fear and doubt.
Nothing to do, just be
sitting happily.
Relax thinking
enjoy experiencing.
Freedom is here and now,
no searching, just allow.
Present moment, 
only moment.
© 17 June 14

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