Thursday, 26 June 2014

Carrying nothing

There's a Plum Village song which I've been singing to myself in the car as it's very appropriate.
We're all moving
on a journey to nowhere
taking it easy
taking it slow.
No more worries
no need to hurry
nothing to carry
let it all go.

Here's a link to how the song goes.

And it struck me, what would it be like to leave the house with 'nothing to carry'? But not only nothing physical, but nothing mental, nothing emotional. To leave the house not thinking about the work day ahead, or what happened yesterday, or planning for some future event. To leave the house totally empty of any baggage and just be present. I often think of the analogy of Pilgrim's Progress, with the burden that Christian carries for so long before realising he can put it down, and each of us let ourselves get laden down with emotional and mental baggage, circling thoughts and storytelling that can often be so comforting we prefer to keep holding onto them instead of letting go.

Carrying nothing

Feeling, experiencing,
knowing this moment
because I am carrying nothing.

Loving, living,
light in this moment,
because I am carrying nothing.

Joyous, content,
free in this moment,
because I am carrying nothing.

Being, being,
being in this moment,
because I am carrying nothing.

© 26 June 14

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