Thursday, 15 May 2014

Twenty-one days to create a new neural pathway - part 3

Day 15 (7th May) - Mindful Movements after meditation but I have decided I prefer them beforehand, or actually as I did them yesterday, which was most before leading into meditation then finishing them off afterwards.
Day 16 - Mindful Movements as day 14 with most before and the rest after. I'm lucky to be going on another retreat today so the next few days will definitely have some Mindful Movements at the beginning of each day.
Day 17 - 19 (Barmoor retreat) On these days I led the Mindful Movements for a group of people and we had plenty of time so could extend each movement to ten times. It really helped to give time to connect fully with the breath and deepen the experience. On Day 17 I also went for 2 walks, a short one up onto the moors and a longer one with the Sangha through fields and down the back of the village, up into woods and down a treacherous muddy slope. Great fun!
Day 20 - Did the movements outside in the garden this morning, facing the sun, with the birds chirruping away in the background. What a great experience!
Day 21 - Mindful Movements twice today as I did them with the MBSR group in the evening as well as by myself in the morning. (Same again tomorrow with the next MBSR course)
And so it comes to the end of 21 days and how do I feel?
I'm glad I started this and it now feels solid enough to just keep going and continue with them every morning. It's not like giving up chocolate for lent and thinking, phew I can eat it again, but then this was about starting (or renewing) rather than stopping and it just makes sense to keep going, especially with the warmer weather I can do them outside.
It's been a good experiment and I'm glad I did it as a way of re-establishing this back into my daily routine. :)

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