Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The Gardens have a storytelling space
created in a faery ring
with stones from St Mary’s Abbey as seats.
Here in the twilight the space is silent,
only the trees holding the secrets
of what was shared in the day.
The animals and birds creep in
once the Gardens are closed and
the humans have left,
to share stories and antics
they have seen from the day.
The mouse twitters nervously
about its adventures through the tulips
and meeting giants with
hefty boots and booming voices.
The blackbird shares its success
in digging for worms.
The squirrels argue over whose nuts
are buried under the oak tree.
The pigeons coo a lullaby
to send everyone to sleep.
The drama of each life echoes
through the storytelling space and
the trees hold the secrets
of what has been shared.
© 6 May 2014

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