Friday, 14 July 2017

Our journey of life as a map

What does the journey of your life
look like as a map?
Gentle, meandering curves and softly undulating hills?
Roman straight lines heading in a determinedly particular direction?
Many ups and downs, steep inclines and descents not of your choosing?
What of the dead-ends, the no entries, the sharp U-turns and missed turnings?

Where are the resting places, the breathing spaces, the overnight stops?

What of the forks in the road,
when it is not clear which direction to head?
How many wrong turns and heading in the opposite direction are there?
How many circuitous paths that
take time and energy but ultimately lead nowhere?

What does the journey of your life
look like as a map?
What of the intersections,
the 3- and 4-lane highways
when we journeyed together?
Did we foresee, could we foresee
the blind bends, the hidden dips and hairpin turns?
What of the times we ended up
on a different road from that
which was planned?
How many roads ran parallel to ours,
seemingly heading in the same direction
yet never quite connecting?

The journey of my life as a map
is a jumble of seemingly random roads and paths
which fortuitously connected with yours
and continued as a wonderful adventure
once we interconnected
no longer minding where the road took us,
but enjoying the scenery
step by step
along the way.

© 14 Jul 17
(27th wedding anniversary)

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