Sunday, 16 July 2017

If you read these words

I am a leaf blowing in the wind and
I am the wind, playing with the leaf.
Where does the wind begin?
What is its source?
You cannot say ‘here it is’ or
‘over there’.
So it is true with what I call me
a boundless being with
no beginning and no end.
My so-called life as precious and
meaningful as the wind.

I am the song that set
the turning earth in motion.
You will never find my source or
the silence
from which the song originated
except within the song itself
hearing deeply
the spaces between the notes.

I am the heartbeat of all hearts
the rhythm that sustains and
contains all life.
No life is separate from
this consistent sound
this unending sound.

I am a drop of water that knows
she is the vast ocean,
stretching beyond
vision or sight.
Do not look for the droplet
seek only the ocean.

Seek my face in the
blooming of the flower
the fading petals and
the nurturing compost.
Hear my voice in the
chirruping of the crickets and
the call of the birds
one to another.
Seek my face in the fruit
the generous trees yield forth.

If you read these words
read them, hear them, receive them
as your words.
These words are not mine.
I have not devised or created them.
I am only the scribe
who sets them down on paper
the conduit
who hears the voice of the cosmos and
responds to its call.
I have no knowledge to call mine
all is received as a gift from the cosmos and duly passed on.
I am only the scribe.

I am a leaf blowing in the wind.

© 13 Jul 17

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